These Are The Common Diseases That Attack Dogs

Diseases aren’t just common among humans, but animals can also suffer from such problems. Therefore, if you have pets at home, you must keep them healthy in order to prevent diseases from attacking their body. Furthermore, if you have dogs, you need to make sure that you feed them with proper and healthy dog foods, as well as giving them the fish oil for dogs to keep them healthy and look cute.

These are the common diseases that may invade your dog’s body:


Rabies or mad dog disease is the most malignant disease in animals because it can kill animals that are affected by this disease and can also spread to humans.

There are three groups regarding this disease, such as:

1. Stadium Melancholium which causes the dog to look nervous, lose his appetite for drinking and eating.

2. Stadium Exitatie which in a few days can make a dog bite anything, then run away up to a few miles.

3. The Paraltycum stage which within a week can make the dog become paralyzed and die.

Dogs usually have Rabies vaccination at the age of 5 months.


This infectious disease cannot be considered mild. Carriers of this disease are usually germs found in rat urine. Leptospirosis is very dangerous so it requires your attention to this infectious disease.

Symptoms of sufferers of this disease include fever, slow or lackluster, pain in the muscles, and diarrhea.

Dogs affected by this disease should be immediately taken to a veterinarian for further treatment.

In order to prevent this disease, you should give a vaccine for this disease to your dog before it is 3 months old.

Canine Distemper

The radius of the spread can cover the entire world, the way the disease is transmitted through touch and air. It usually attacks dogs at a young age and an adult dog whose immune system is not good. This disease has the highest mortality rate with 80% of sufferers.

Symptoms: fever, anxiety, no appetite, diarrhea, runny nose, coughing, and pneumonia. Sometimes red spots are found on the skin. Signs of nerves include muscle spasms, stiffness, and paralysis.

Dogs must have received Distemper vaccination before they are 3 months old.


The spread of this disease is similar to Canine Distemper disease. Only 10% of dogs with this disease can survive. Symptoms of this disease may cause dogs to suffer from diarrhea and vomiting because this virus attacks the digestive tract. This disease is almost the same as vomiting in humans. Dogs will lose a lot of fluids, vomit blood, and defecate blood.

Dogs must get Parvo vaccination before they are 3 months old.

That’s it for the info regarding diseases that often attack dogs that we may share with you. Although this article is quite short, we hope it helps you to protect your dogs from these dangerous diseases.

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